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The Armada Constitution

Free Company Membership Rules

FC Chat

  • No exclusive discussions, or arguments, where the scope of the topic is religion or politics are allowed in the FC chat, or in say/shout inside and around the FC house. This does not mean you can't make references or mentions of things relating to these topics.
(This is to avoid bashing of other members religious or political views).

  • No drama! If you have an issue or a personal dispute, don't lash out in the FC chat, this might result in a warning or membership removal depending on severity.

Personal Disputes

  • If you find yourself in a personal dispute with another member in the FC, instead of lashing out in public chats or other people, take a deep breath and talk to one of the leaders and they will help find a solution to the dispute.


  • Theft is strictly forbidden in this FC! That includes stealing from FC members, players outside our FC and from other FCs. If you are found to be stealing from others you WILL be removed from the FC!


  • In the event that your character has not logged in for 30 or more days, and you have not given any notice via facebook, guildwork forum, teamspeak or otherwise, your character will be removed from the FC list. This is in way a reflection on you personally, it is merely to keep the FC list up to date. Should you return to the game and wish to rejoin us, you are more than welcome to do so.
  • Should you be absent for an extended period of time but know that you will be returning to us, please give us notification. When you notify us of your absence, you will be moved to the Plank Walker rank, where you will remain a part of the FC list for up to 120 days of inactivity (approx 4 months). After this time, you may be removed from the fc list, but are more than welcome to return to us and rejoin the family when you next log into the game.

Free Company Ranks

Note: The Free Company ranks are NOT a reflection of perceived player skill or character level.

Ranks are strictly assigned responsibilities given on the following criteria:

  • Friendliness and helpfulness displayed to other members in the FC
  • Actively engaging in FC activities*
  • Displayed commitment in ensuring all members feel welcome and involved in the FC
  • Willingness to take on administrative tasks for the FC**
  • Promotion of the FC brand
  • Reliability***

* FC activities are all activities whereby the majority of participants are members of the FC; and includes everything from raids, dungeons, hunts, ex primals, relic progression, frontlines, mayo hunts etc.
** Administrative tasks such as maintaining the website, fb page, spreadsheet, keeping track of members progression etc.
*** Reliability is a relative term and is subjective to the situation. One example of this can be showing up for FC events, such as raids, or give notice if unable to participate.

General Guidelines and Responsibilities for Free Company Ranks

Fleet Admiral

  • Free Company Leader.
  • Governs overall policies and manages leaders/officers.


  • Are the head leaders of The Armada. Responsibilities extends to leading and managing the FC in-and-outside the game, e.g. administration responsibilities, planning and decision making.
  • Taking a vital role within the Free Company, an Admiral is considered equivalent to an Officer.
  • Expected to show reliability, initiative, responsibility, determination, communication and cooperation.

Vice Admiral

  • Are leaders in the FC to the extent that involves in-game activities and are expected to promote helpfulness and friendliness within the FC. Taking on administrative tasks are not expected, but much appreciated in order to alleviate workload of head leaders.
  • Are expected to show willingness to engage in activities that help FC members with progression.
  • Assists in everyday management of the FC: Recruitment, Promotion, FC disputes, Member Progression assistance, Event Organisation (e.g. Raffles), Company Buffs.

Raid leader

  • Are leaders of a static raid group and are responsible to MANAGE the group, ensure progression while catering to everyone’s needs in the group. Raid leaders are NOT the final decision maker within the group, group decisions are made COLLECTIVELY within the group. If there is an insolvable dispute, contact an Admiral or the Fleet Admiral and they will help find a solution.


  • Exclusive title bestowed upon founding members of the Free Company in recognition of their financial and time contributions in relation to establishing the FC and funding the FC house. This rank has been provided with special housing privileges, and access to the garden. This honorary title cannot be given to any non-founding members


  • Midshipman is the Fleet of our ranks and will make up most of the The Armada members.


  • These are new members to The Armada and will be promoted to Midshipman when they are considered an Armada sailor fit for The Fleet!

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