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Walt gets more bad news from the mayor. Vic does a strange favor. As Walt learns what's behind the lawsuit, Henry and Cady each face tribal rituals.
Bonanza ran 14 years and it was not an especially good show.<br/><br/>This once-amazing show was unfairly canceled, rescued from the dustbin by Netflix, and since then it has been Hell-bent on self-destruction. My guess is that it will get its wish sooner rather than later.<br/><br/>This horrible ending to the worst season of the series pressed all the buttons. The wrong buttons. Somewhere between s01 and s02 we jumped from the Walt Longmire &quot;mysteries&quot; to the Walt Longmire &quot;soap opera.&quot; The entire s05 was wretched, jumping back and forth from agony to angst with nary a &quot;mystery&quot; in between.<br/><br/>This episode is the benchmark for a series gone wrong. Jumping from one sorrowful character arc to another, with no payoff or respite. And for anyone who has watched Sons of Anarchy, the finale for this season, the so-called &quot;hook&quot; to bring viewers back kicking and screaming for S06, was borrowed from the SOA playbook, almost chapter and verse.<br/><br/>Ugh.
He can&#39;t think clearly. He can&#39;t (or won&#39;t) emotionally connect with his daughter, who needed him desperately after she shot and killed a redneck a$$hole who deserved it while trying to protect her client. The client, suffering battered wife syndrome hates Cady for killing her husband. No comfort from Walt.<br/><br/>This is just another attempt by the liberal left (thanks Netflix) to portray a conservative old white guy (in law enforcement no less) as a stupid, emotionally unavailable dufus who doesn&#39;t see anything past his need for taking down Nighthorse.<br/><br/>The other aspect, and even more disturbing, is the continual dramatization of the racial issues between the native Americans and the white people. It is all &quot;played up&quot;, and it is sickening.

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