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An epic story about a battle between three survivors and the living dead altered by nuclear radiation. In the ravaged landscape of Eastern Finland, Toni, Marika and Risto are getting prepared for the last attack of the mutants. The fate of the survivors is uncertain.
A Finnish home made zombie movie. Nuclear war caused a nuclear winter and the radiation started unexpectedly turning people into zombies. Few survivors that are immune to radiation fight against the zombies. Honestly not badly made short movie. It even made me jump at one point. But to make it really good they should have made it less serious. As a horror comedy it could have been good. Now the plot isn't really original excluding the idea of a zombie movie at winter in Finland. The movie is very typical borrowing from Hollywood zombie and action movies. Instead of just shooting at zombies they should have went for Peter Jackson style insane action. That said the movie is fairly well made and better than most home made zombie flicks I've seen. I also wasn't bored watching it and the acting of the guys wasn't that bad.

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